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We are a small but specialized team of litigators. The focus of our law firm lies in contentious disputes with the opposing party, which often have to be settled in court.

Attorney Leander J. Gast has been a trial attorney since 1997 in New York and since 1998 in Germany. Since then he has worked before regional and higher regional courts.

In the last few years alone we have appeared before the following higher regional courts: Berlin Higher Regional Court, Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court, Stuttgart Higher Regional Court, Jena Higher Regional Court, Celle Higher Regional Court, Munich Higher Regional Court, Hamm Higher Regional Court, Hamburg Higher Regional Court, Rostock Higher Regional Court, Naumburg Higher Regional Court, Brandenburg Higher Regional Court and Dresden Higher Regional Court. Individual proceedings are led up to the Federal Court of Justice (there because of the singular admission by a so-called BGH lawyer). In the last 2 years we have conducted five proceedings before the Federal Fiscal Court in Munich (as of June 2022). We also represent and defend in criminal cases in connection with economic or tax crimes. In public construction law, a legal dispute was even brought before the Federal Administrative Court.

Any out-of-court client support presupposes that the client knows the risks and opportunities that judicial proceedings entail. In our opinion, the many years of litigation experience must be included in every out-of-court consultation and even more so in every contract design (e.g. in the design of articles of association or wills). We are also happy to provide a second opinion or support colleagues in the background.

On our own behalf, we would like to inform you that the law firm Gast Rechtsanwälte has been informed that our articles on inheritance law for the Germany-wide BGB online commentary (by Göler) are in part on No. 1 to 3 on Google's hit list.

We are very proud of this!

As you may know, our law firm is extensively active in inheritance law as a specialist lawyer's office, Mr. Gast is also a specialist lawyer in inheritance law.

We also publish in this area and have worked, among other things, on the Germany-wide BGB online commentary on inheritance law.

Our revisions to § 2039 BGB debt rebate claims have been published and reworked and updated.

For example, our law firm with the search term "rebate claims" is the second, sometimes even the first, hit on Google out of around 7,560 results!

We are also pleased to announce the following results:

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel.

Your team from the Gast Rechtsanwälte law firm 

Leander Gast

In recent years, we have represented the following clients in and out of court:

HelloFresh Deutschland Produktions SE & Co KG
HelloFresh Deutschland SE & Co. KG

GesundheitsTicket GmbH
Gesellschaft für betriebliches Gesundheitsmanagement
Deutsches Netzwerk für betriebliche Gesundheitsvorsorge

DCSO Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation GmbH

KoRo Handels GmbH

Interagila GmbH

SCHILKIN GmbH & Co. KG BERLIN Spirituosenherstellung

Groupon GmbH
Groupon Goods Global GmbH

job-konzept Bildung und Beratung GmbH

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